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Turbocharger Repair Specialist

Do you have Loss of Power?
Whining / Whistling Noise?
Engine Dash Light Showing?
Smoke Coming of the Exhaust?
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Reason for Failure Eliminated

We find the reason why your turbo failed, and we make sure it won't happen again.

24 Months Warranty

Enjoy the Security of 12 Months Warranty, With Unlimited Mileage

Responsibility In One Place

DPF's often comes with many sensors, which are very expensive and tricky to remove. Our expert mechanics and faultless process will guarantee your peace of mind.

Free Service on the Vehicle

Whilst repairing the Turbo, we also service your vehicle, replacing the Filters & engine oil.

What's Included?

  • Air & Oil Filter Replacement
  • New Engine Oil
  • Intercooler Cleaning
  • Reason for Failure Elimination Guaranteed
  • 2 Years Warranty on the Turbocharger
  • 2 Years Warranty on the Fitting


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Choose Smart, Choose Best Turbos!

Did you know that 99% Turbo Fails because of wrong fitting?

Fitting Turbocharger correctly is a delicate job, and most normal Garages don't have the same experience and skills to do it. Inaccurately fitting Turbos could result to engine failure and could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Our Expert Technicians Lives and Breathes Turbocharger. From Using OEM Parts to reassuring with 24 months warranty on both supply & Fitting, We are the best in the country at what we do.

Our Dedicated Customer advisor team can give you free expert advice and answer any question you may have.

Turbocharger Failure Symptoms

Loss of Power
Your car may feel sluggish and takes longer to reach desired speeds, especially while climbing hills or merging into traffic
Increased Exhaust Smoke
Blue or gray smoke billowing from the exhaust indicates oil being burned due to internal turbo leaks.
Whistling or Whining Noises
A high-pitched whine from the engine bay, especially under acceleration, often points to damaged turbo bearings or compressor housing
Check Engine Light
An illuminated check engine light could indicate related issues like low boost pressure or sensor malfunctions
Reduced Fuel Economy
A failing turbo can worsen fuel efficiency due to increased engine effort to compensate for lost power.
Remember, these are just a few signs, and a professional mechanic is always the best way to diagnose a failing turbocharger. Don't ignore these symptoms, as early intervention can prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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Cash Hussain

4 Months Ago
These guys replaced my old turbo in the space of a week whilst constantly updating me with pictures and messages! Awesome customer service!

Tim Johnson

3 Months Ago
Make this your first call when looking for anything turbo related. Honestly the best service, customer service, prices... These folks know turbos inside out... 100% recommend and have won me as a customer for life.

Daniel M

2 Years Ago
Excellent customer service and value for money. I had issues with my turbo and they sorted it out within 24hours. Staff we're really friendly and helpful. I would recommend best turbos.

Lee Morgan

3 Years Ago
Very good service and very reliable never had a bad turbo and we have brought over 50
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Your Turbocharger Questions, Answered!

There are several benefits to using a turbocharger, including:

Increased power: A turbocharger can increase an engine's power by up to 30%.

Improved fuel economy: A turbocharger can improve an engine's fuel economy by up to 10%.

Reduced emissions: A turbocharger can reduce an engine's emissions by up to 20%.

Some of the signs of a bad turbocharger include:

Loss of power
Increased fuel consumption
Engine surging
Blue smoke from the exhaust
Oil leaks
A loud whining noise coming from the turbocharger

Turbo lag is the delay in power delivery experienced when the driver presses the accelerator pedal, and the turbocharger takes a moment to spool up and provide boost pressure. It affects performance by creating a brief delay in power delivery, which can be frustrating in situations where immediate acceleration is required.

Yes, we supply turbocharger to London, Manchester , Birmingham , Glasgow , Leeds , Liverpool , Newcastle , Sheffield , Bristol , Nottingham , Southampton , Edinburgh , Oxford , Cambridge , Cardiff , Portsmouth , Essex , Reading , Cotswolds ,

We cover the following areas in the west midlands - Birmingham , Coventry , Wolverhampton , Solihull , Dudley , Walsall , Stourbridge , Halesowen ,

Yes, turbochargers can be upgraded or modified for more performance. This can involve changing the compressor or turbine size, adjusting wastegate settings, or using different materials to reduce rotational inertia. However, such modifications should be done carefully to ensure the engine's overall reliability and longevity.

To prevent turbocharger issues and extend its lifespan, you should follow regular maintenance schedules, use high-quality oil and coolant, allow the engine to cool down after driving (avoid abrupt shutdowns), and avoid excessive engine strain or aggressive driving habits.

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