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Land Rover Discovery 3.0 3.6
Turbocharger Replacement
- WITHOUT lifting the Body -

We are Land Rover specialists, it is our job to make sure the job we carry out is accurate. Where excellence is not just a goal but a tradition, spanning over a decade! We are committed to precision and adherance to manufacturer standards, which sets us apart from our competitors!

We recently had a beautiful 3.0 Land Rover Discovery in for a bi-turbo replacement job! This vehicle had been experiencing absolutely no power from the passenger side turbocharger and consistently going into restricted performance (limp mode).

After meticulously carrying out one of our in depth investigations, we found that both the turbochargers had begun to make noise within the engine, which is a common indication that they will need replacing. We also picked up a misleading air mass flow sensor fault code. Sometimes these parts are not always faulty, and we often find that after completing our turbocharger jobs these fault codes clear on their own. However, it is important that we make the customer aware beforehand.

So what are the benefits of leaving the body on when working on when working on Land Rovers? Here are some things to consider:

- It is a lot safer for our mechanics!
Removing the entire body off a Land Rover is an intricate and physically demanding task, meaning we would have to navigate our way through numerous components. By leaving the body on, we are cutting out so many potential hazards, allowing us to solely focus on our expertise: TURBOS!

- Doesn't disturb the vehicles physical appearance!
Keeping the body on allows the chassis and other internal components to remain unexposed and shields them from potential damages. This approach provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing that no unnecassary altercations have been made to the way the vehicle looks.

- Doesn't create problems further down the line!
As previously mentioned, lifting the body means stripping a large volume of parts that don't really need to be involved in repairs. One of these key thing being the electrics. If this is disturbed then a whole bunch of electrical problems could come and visit you in the future (e.g heating problems, audio problems, lights on dashboard etc)

These are only some quick benefits to our work, there are so many more great reasons why our method is what you should choose for your vehicle! We ensure that our jobs are a smooth repair, so you can drive away knowing you are safe in a car that responds exactly as it was designed to.

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We stand proudly behind our work, which is why we offer 2 year warranties with out turbocharger jobs. It is not just about fixing cars, but forging important relationships built on transparency and trust.

If you believe you are having turbocharger problems, we are here for you! Experience the quality yourself, book in for an inspection!
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778400/ 778401 Land Rover 3.0 3.6 Twin Turbochargers Reconditioned