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A hybrid turbo is a type of turbocharger that combines the best of both worlds: the performance of a larger turbo and the responsiveness of a smaller turbo. It does this by using a combination of different parts from different turbochargers, or by using an electric motor to assist the gas-driven turbocharger.

More Boost, More Torque, More Power

A hybrid turbocharger is a turbo that combines parts from different frame sizes and in some cases from different manufacturers. Hybrid Turbochargers offer a number of advantages over traditional turbochargers, including:


Hybrid turbochargers can provide more power and torque than traditional turbochargers, thanks to their larger compressor wheel and faster turbine speed, resulting upto 12% more Boost.

Elimination of Turbo Lag

Hybrid turbochargers have less lag than traditional turbochargers, thanks to their larger compressor wheel. This means that the engine can produce power more quickly, resulting in a better driving experience.

Better throttle response

A hybrid turbo spools up more quickly than a standard turbocharger, which gives you better throttle response.

Improved fuel economy

Hybrid turbochargers can improve fuel economy by up to 10%, thanks to their ability to operate at lower boost pressures
Hybrid Turbo

What Exactly is a Hybrid Turbo?

A Hybrid Turbocharger simply means a non-standard or potentially upgraded turbocharger. This consist of a turbo with combined parts from different frame sizes and potentially different manufactures, such as Garrett or BorgWarner to make the ultimate performance turbo.

In a conventional turbocharger, exhaust gases from the engine are used to drive a turbine, which, in turn, drives a compressor. The compressor forces air into the engine, allowing it to burn more fuel and generate more power. However, traditional turbochargers can suffer from "turbo lag," a delay in power delivery due to the time it takes for exhaust gases to build up enough pressure to spin the turbine.

A hybrid Turbocharger addresses this issue by integrating an electric compressor into the system. This electric compressor is powered by the vehicle's electrical system and provides an immediate boost of compressed air at low RPMs. This means that even when exhaust gas flow is insufficient to spin the traditional turbo's turbine quickly, the electric compressor can deliver the necessary compressed air, virtually eliminating turbo lag. As the engine's RPM increases and exhaust gas flow improves, the exhaust-driven turbocharger becomes more effective, providing additional power and boost.

The hybrid turbocharger's ability to provide instant boost at lower RPMs while benefiting from the increased efficiency of the exhaust-driven turbo at higher RPMs makes it an attractive choice for enthusiasts looking to enhance both performance and fuel economy.

Most Popular Hybrid Turbos

Hybrid turbochargers have taken the automotive world by storm, and the variety of options available is staggering. Enthusiasts can now choose from a wide range of hybrid turbochargers, including the renowned K04 hybrid turbo, the performance-driven Venom hybrid turbo, the PD130 hybrid turbo, and the versatile Littco turbo, among others. The cutting-edge GTD2872VRK and the powerful B58 hybrid Turbocharger are paving the way for top-notch performance in their respective applications. Diesel engine enthusiasts can also rejoice with options like the M57 hybrid turbo and the TD5 hybrid Turbocharger , ensuring an unmatched driving experience. Even popular models like the Fiesta ST and the N55 benefit greatly from the installation of a hybrid turbo, such as the GT1756 hybrid Turbocharger . With an array of hybrid turbos available to suit various engine types and driving preferences, it's no surprise that this technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, offering unparalleled power, efficiency, and driving pleasure. Whether you're looking to upgrade your vehicle's performance or seeking a greener, more fuel-efficient option, hybrid Turbochargers are the answer to your automotive dreams.

Mechanics of Hybrid Turbochargers

Hybrid turbos function on a dual-mode mechanism that seamlessly transitions between the electric compressor and the exhaust-driven turbocharger. At lower RPMs, when exhaust gas flow is insufficient to create substantial boost pressure, the electric compressor takes the lead. Powered by the vehicle's electrical system, the electric compressor delivers an instantaneous surge in boost pressure, resulting in enhanced torque and swift acceleration from a standstill. As engine speed escalates and exhaust gas flow becomes adequate, the traditional exhaust-driven turbocharger comes into play, generating additional boost pressure to unlock the engine's full potential.

Should i go for hybrid?

A hybrid turbocharger is the best choice to get better performance without blowing your whole budget. There is no need to do any extra modifications or upgrades before fitting hybrid turbocharger. Hybrid Turbos Benefits Includes:


Upto 12% more Boost


Upgraded Shafts


Upto 15% Better Fuel Economy


Bigger Compressor Wheel


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Your Hybrid Turbos Questions, Answered!

A hybrid turbocharger is an upgraded or modified turbocharger that combines components from different turbochargers to enhance performance.

Installing a hybrid turbocharger typically requires professional expertise to ensure proper fit and performance.

A Venom hybrid turbo is a type of hybrid turbocharger known for its performance improvements in specific applications.

A PD130 hybrid turbo is designed for VW and Audi PD130 diesel engines, offering increased power and torque.

Littco turbo is a well-known brand in the world of hybrid turbos, often used for performance upgrades.

A K03 hybrid turbo is designed for VW and Audi K03 turbocharged engines, while a K03S hybrid turbo may have slight variations in components and performance.

Hybrid turbos work by combining components from different turbochargers to optimize air intake and exhaust flow for improved engine performance.

Consider your engine type, performance goals, and budget when selecting a hybrid turbocharger.

A K04 hybrid turbo is a turbocharger that combines components from the K04 and other turbos to improve power and efficiency.

A B58 hybrid turbo is designed for BMW B58 engines, enhancing power and torque output.

An M57 hybrid turbo is tailored for BMW M57 diesel engines, delivering increased performance.

An IS38 hybrid turbo can significantly improve the performance of VW and Audi 2.0 TSI engines.


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